Stay at Quality Hotel Vänersborg

Quality Hotel in Vänersborg offers accommodation of all types and 116 rooms in different price ranges. Here you will find everything from single rooms for those who are traveling alone to larger rooms with space for the whole family.

The hotel is located just outside Vänersborg city. If you stay with us, you are close to the Arena Vänersborg. During the year, many events and exhibitions are held in the arena, such as markets, concerts and galas.

Quality Hotel is also within walking distance to the Sports Center. If you are visiting our city for events, such as camps or tournaments, it is just a short walk to the various halls and playing-fields at Vänersborg Sports Center.

Here with us there are good opportunities to rest and calm down. We have both a sauna and an indoor pool. Our location also serves as an excellent starting point for those planning to take a look around in the surrounding area. The hotel is located at the southern tip of Lake Vänern and right behind the hotel you will find the entrance to the southern part of Göta Kanal.

Free parking

Our large parking lot is completely free so why not leave the car here, take a walk to the city or borrow a bike from us?