Eat and drink at Quality Hotel Vänersborg

Food and drink are so much more than fuel for the body. Food and drink should be a delight and something to enjoy. At Quality Hotel Vänersborg we place great emphasis on what we serve and how it tastes. In our two restaurants you can have breakfast, lunch and a la carte almost every day and our menu has something for everyone. If you are not hungry you are welcome to enjoy the bar.

For us it is important to have good ingredients that are produced in a sustainable way. That is why we are constantly working to increase the variety of dishes and ingredients we use. We are already certified and KRAV-labeled, but always try to do more.

Breakfast and lunch

When we serve breakfast, it's a real buffet with everything from home-made muesli to fresh fruit. On weekdays we also serve lunch, there are always two dishes and a large salad selection to choose from. Each week has its own menu.


In our restaurant KÖK&BAR93 you will find several exciting dishes, including hamburgers and delicious fish dishes. Of course, there are also vegetarian options to choose from. The bar can also offer everything from beer and wine to whiskey and drinks.


Quality Hotel Vänersborg also offers catering. If you are planning a party or event, we can help with menu suggestions and take care of both cooking and delivery.


Please talk to the staff if you have any allergies or questions about the food.